TBS has held several milestone events throughout our 36th anniversary year.

On Simchat Torah in October, we celebrated our value of talmud Torah, lifelong Jewish
learning, by having people who had read Torah and/or become Bar or Bat Mitzvah at TBS
physically help us hold up the Torah when we unrolled an entire scroll. It was a tremendous
moment to see so many Torah learners from all generations across our 36 years standing

In February, we learned and created beautiful artwork with Rabbi Shawna and Isaac Brynjegard-
Bialik as our Artists-in-Residence. We crafted community fingerprint mosaic banners depicting
our TBS values .

For 36 years, Shabbat has been our central time as a community to pray, sing, learn, eat, and be
together. On Friday night, March 10, we marked 36 years of celebrating Shabbat together with a
festive service. Rabbi Widzer and Rabbi Perlin were joined by guest musical artist Sheldon
Low, the TBS adult choir, Kolot Shalom (the TBS youth choir), instrumentalists Sue Kohn and
Vivian Podgainy, in leading a magnificent evening of prayer and song and spirituality for our
community. We were joined, in-person and virtually, by former TBS Rabbis Michael Mellen
and Shoshana Nyer, as well as by Rev. Meredith Keseley of Abiding Presence Lutheran Church and Dr.
Todd Schlechty of Christ Church.

On Sunday, April 23, we will give back to the broader community around us on a very special
Yom Chesed (day of lovingkindness). This daylong, reimagined, old-school “mitzvah day” will
see us engaging in a variety of hands-on projects at TBS and beyond. We’ll learn, eat, pray,
sing, and fix the world together (tikkun olam)! Watch for more details and opportunities to sign
up in advance!