Religious School

  • PreK/Kindergarten
  • First Grade
  • Second Grade
  • Third Grade
  • Fourth Grade
  • Fifth Grade
  • Sixth Grade
  • Seventh Grade
  • Eighth and Ninth Grade
  • Music
  • Library

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This program runs on a two-year cycle so students can learn new material each year. One year focuses on God, all the ways we can see God, and that different people see God in different ways. The other year we focus on being Shomrei HaAdamah, guardians of the Earth. Through stories, Jewish values, and holidays students learn what it means to take care of animals, trees, and the world as a whole.

First Grade

First graders focus on al shlosha devarim: The world is sustained on three things: Torah, avodah prayer), and gimilut chasadim acts of loving-kindness). Students begin to learn Torah stories, and having learned about God in PreK/Kindergarten, they learn how to talk to God through prayer. They also learn how they can repair the world through acts of tzedakah.

Second Grade

The second-grade curriculum focuses on Am Yisrael the People of Israel) and Eretz Yisrael the land of Israel). Second graders study their link to the Jewish people and their connection to the Land of Israel.

Third Grade

The focus of the third-grade curriculum is Torah. Students study the Torah from creation through the crossing of the Red Sea and make connections among the Torah, Jewish holidays, and our values. They begin to learn the Aleph-Bet the Hebrew alphabet), a letter or two each week.

Fourth Grade

Having learned Torah in the third grade, fourth graders study the next two sections of the Bible—Prophets and Writings. They also gain an understanding of the structure and order of the Bible. Additionally, they discuss common questions people have about God.

Fifth Grade

Having matured three years since second grade, our fifth graders have another opportunity to study Israel, along with learning some Yiddish, Jewish culture, and modern Jewish history. They also look at what it means to be created B’tzelem Elohim—in the Image of God—and how it impacts the way we see ourselves and the way we treat others.

Sixth Grade

Sixth graders study Jewish history from Biblical times to the present. Major time periods include the Rabbinic period, Medieval period, the Spanish Inquisition, shtetl life, Immigration to America, the Holocaust, and the establishment of the State of Israel. Students also study the evolution of God and current events through a Jewish lens.

Seventh Grade

Seventh graders focus on two topics: the how to’s of the Jewish holidays and a comparison between traditional and liberal Judaism. They study each holiday and learn about both home and synagogue observance. In addition, they look at the differences between traditional and liberal Jews in both holiday and general Jewish observance. Finally, they are asked to consider how they would like personally to practice Judaism.

Eighth and Ninth Grade — YES (Youth Enrichment Studies)

Religious SchoolDuring these two years students attend eight different classes. They are:

Eighth Grade: Jewish Cooking, Teen Issues–Part One, Judaism and Christianity, and Judaism and the Environment.

Ninth Grade: Israel, Reform Jewish History, Jewish Life-Cycles and Teen Issues–Part Two.


In PreK/Kindergarten through third grade, students have music two to three times per month, and students in grades four through seven have music once per month. Our wonderful music teacher comes to each classroom and teaches the students a variety of Jewish music.


All PreK/Kindergarden-second-grade students have Library once per month. They go to the library, listen to a Jewish story, and are then permitted to check out a Jewish book, which they can keep until their next library visit.