Family Education

TBS Jewish Family EducationEach year we have one family education dinner per grade for our preK/K through seventh grade students. For our preK/K through third graders, these dinners take place on Friday evening. We come together to welcome Shabbat, recite our blessings, and have dinner. After dinner there is a special project which the families complete together and the evening ends with Family services during which the students sing a special song which they have prepared in religious school.

For the students in fourth and fifth grades, the dinners are on Saturday evening. After dinner and a special family program we have a Havdalah service where we say goodbye to Shabbat together. For our sixth and seventh graders we celebrate all 25 hours of Shabbat at temple. The program begins with a Shabbat dinner for the students and their families and continues with Shabbat services where the students help lead the congregation in prayer. The students return on Saturday morning for Minyan Makers, our causal service and Torah study. This is followed by three different programs related to their curriculum. The program ends on Saturday night with the parents joining their students for dinner, a program, and Havdalah. We also have an additional Shabbat dinner for each grade, combining two grades at a time, where there is no programming, but the students do participate in services.