Facebook Post by Rabbi Perlin in the Time of Coronavirus (5/7/2020)

Thursday Post 5.7.20:  From the Waist Up

by Rabbi Amy R. Perlin, D.D.

I teach barefoot now, or just wear socks.

You can’t see my feet in that box.

Good shoes and purses in my closet stay,

Until the shelter-at-home order gets lifted day.


It doesn’t matter that you wear sweatpants, and I wear jeans.

It still matters to me that I match, and that my underwear is clean,

But, who would know or care, other than me?

From the waist up is all they see.


We now live in the world of Covid-Chic.

Be careful not to sneak a peak!

It only matters what you wear on top, you see,

on Zoom, or FaceTime, or hosting TV.


Some have opted for Pandemic Shag or Housebound Hairy,

Some have cut their own hair, or shaved bald, which is scary.

I have two styles that I can choose – naturally curly or hard work straight,

I’m stuck at home, so why do what I hate?

Why straighten my hair, why should you shave?

When on Zoom, some just pray the kids behave.


A towel, ugly shorts, or yoga pants

Don’t matter at all in a sitting stance.

Lucky enough to be okay,

Humor can help us get through the day.

Let’s make a deal, just you and me

Don’t tell me about what I can’t see!