Temple B’nai Shalom Rabbi Amy R. Perlin and Gary L. Perlin Endowment

We are pleased to announce the establishment of The Temple B’nai Shalom Rabbi Amy R. Perlin and Gary L. Perlin Endowment to commemorate the invaluable leadership provided to TBS for 32 years by Rabbi Perlin and her family.  The Endowment will help ensure that our Temple community continues to thrive, and that Rabbi Perlin’s legacy to our community will live on through the many ways our members will strengthen the Reform movement now and in the future.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Endowment, click here.  (FAQs will be available soon!)

Sponsorships for a special gala dinner, being held on May 12th in honor of Rabbi Perlin, will directly support the Endowment and the future of TBS.  For more information about gala dinner sponsorships, click here.

In addition, a tribute book with congratulatory messages is being created and will be provided to attendees of the gala dinner.  As with gala sponsorships, proceeds from the tribute book will go to the Endowment.   For more information about the tribute book, click [here].

We hope you’ll participate in the sponsorship and tribute book opportunities as a way to celebrate Rabbi Perlin’s remarkable accomplishments and how much she means to each of us, as individuals and as members of our very special Temple community.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please click here to find our FAQs about the Endowment.