7612 Old Ox Road
Fairfax Station, Virginia 22039
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We are located at 7612 Old Ox Road, right off of Rt 123 ( Ox Road) in Fairfax Station, Virginia.

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NORTHBOUND on 123, note that there is NO LEFT TURN at Old Ox. You must turn left at Community Lane. Make an immediate right turn and then turn left onto Old Ox Rd. Go 0.1 miles and turn left into Temple parking lot.

If you miss the turn at Community Lane, your backup plan is to make a U-turn at Henderson and then proceed south.

SOUTHBOUND on 123, the first street on the right after Henderson Rd. (0r 1.6 miles south of Burke Lake Road) turn right onto Old Ox Rd (the street sign is in the median on your left, not at the street). If you miss the street, turn right at Community Lane and follow the above instructions. In 0.1 miles turn left into Temple parking lot.

The closest major intersections are:

The corner of Ox Road (Route 123) and Lee Chapel Road, and
The corner of Ox Road (Route 123) and Burke Lake Road.

Important: Leaving Temple:

SOUTHBOUND - turn right from Old Ox Road onto123.
NORTHBOUND, you cannot turn left onto Rt 123 (divided highway). You must make the right onto Old Ox as you come out of the parking lot, go down to Community Lane, and make the left onto 123 from Community Lane or from Old Ox Rd. turn right at Rt. 123 and then make a U-turn at Community Lane to go north on Rt. 123.
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