Temple B’nai Shalom relies on generous donations to supplement its dues in order to support all the wonderful programs that are available to the congregants. If you are interested in offering support, click here to reach our online donation page where you can select a fund, choose an amount, and pay by ACH Checking or Credit Card.  If you would like more information or would like to donate to our Circles of Giving program, click here.

If you would prefer to send a check, please make it payable to “Temple B’nai Shalom” and mail it with a note indicating to which fund you are donating and in whose honor.  Mail checks to:

Temple B’nai Shalom
7612 Old Ox Road
Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Temple B’nai Shalom Special Funds

  • The Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund is the only ongoing charitable giving vehicle at Temple B’nai Shalom. All funds go to tzedakah and important Jewish/communal needs. Rabbi Perlin currently donates the funds to more than 100 worthy causes and charities, helps congregants in emergency need of financial assistance and provides funds for needy children with ongoing donations in memory of Dr. Herbert Kohn. This is a wonderful way to make sure that your charitable contributions go to causes important to Reform Jews worldwide. It is an excellent way to remember a loved one or show gratitude to our rabbi. For this fund, checks may be made out to “Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund” or “Temple B’nai Shalom.”
  • The Torah Repair Fund is used to support the care of our sacred scrolls.
  • The David Kleinman Leadership Training Fund is used to defray the costs of supporting lay leaders’ attendance at URJ Biennial and other leadership development-related conferences.
  • The Religious School Fund is used to fund programs for Religious School students that would not be included in the regular educational budget. The events include assemblies, speakers, and other special interest programs. This is a great fund for donations in honor of our Religious School teachers and staff.
  • The Sanctuary Beautification Fund was established in honor of Rabbi Perlin’s 20th anniversary as a rabbi in 2002, Part of the money raised is being used to develop and implement a “big picture” plan for the sanctuary.
  • The College Youth Fund is used to pay for programs and mailings for our college students. Past mailings have included menorahs and candles for Hanukkah, matzo and treats for Passover, cards for Rosh Hashanah, and copies of the KOL.
  • The Youth Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for our young people to attend NFTY Kallot (retreats), the NFTY Biennial National Convention and Kutz Leadership Academy.
  • The Jacobius Library Fund is used to furnish the library and provide books, periodicals, and other materials for the use of our congregants.
  • The Prayer Book Fund is used to purchase additional prayer books and Torah commentaries. This fund also is used to maintain and repair our current books.
  • The Music Fund is used to bring in musical guest artists and to enlarge our collection of Jewish music for our congregation.