Mothers Support Group

The Mothers Support Group offers TBS mothers of young children the chance to connect with one another and share the joyful and complex experiences of parenthood in a relaxed, supportive, and confidential environment. The group meets monthly, with discussions drawing on inspiration from biblical texts, religious and secular parenting resources. Members are invited to seek guidance from the group on topics that impact their children, families, and themselves. Not only do they learn tips on motherhood, they gain friendships with the other moms at TBS—relationships that last well past the early parenting years.

This group is open to TBS mothers and guardians of children ages 8 and below. This is not a “drop-in” group; members are asked to attend on a regular basis. For questions, or to sign up, please contact the Senior Rabbi’s executive assistant, Ellen at or (703) 764-2901.

“TBS Mothers’ Support Group really augmented and improved my parenting ‘toolbox.’ My mom died when my kids were 4 and 1, and I felt like I needed interaction with other moms. I really benefited from the wisdom and experience of Rabbi Perlin, as well as the other moms in the group. I think I am a better mother because I attended TBS MSG for nine years.”
—Support group member