Temple B’nai Shalom is an active and exciting community.  With programs for every age and every interest, there really is something for everyone.  Click the links below to learn about some of our wonderful programs.

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Social Groups
One of the greatest blessings of Temple B’nai Shalom is the connections we build between our members.  Join one (or more) of our many Social Groups to make friends and share your passions.

Committed to “Service, Friendship, and Education,” TBS’s men’s club offers a variety of programs that enhance the lives of our male congregants.

As TBS’s Women’s Auxiliary,  the Sisterhood reflects our love for our congregational community, Judaism, and support for Jewish traditions. Sisterhood activities offer women of all ages and interests friendship, education, and a sense of belonging.

Youth Groups
With special social and religious programs for kids in grades 5-12, the TBS youth groups provide the kind of identity building informal educational opportunities that create active Jewish adults.

Young Families
Our TBS Young Families group meets several times a year for a Saturday evening activity.  Usually, the group watches a movie together (sometimes in PJs!), has a meal and/or snack, participates in a craft, and shares Havdalah.

A Temple sponsored group of interfaith couples. The club meets several times during the year to enjoy goodwill, food, and camaraderie, and to share a connection with the Jewish religion and traditions.

Support Groups
TBS was founded as a Caring Community 25 years ago. One of the first groups that we formed was a Mother’s Support Group. It is the longest running support group in the congregation.  The goal of all of our groups is to give our members an opportunity to see our congregational community as a place where their lives can be nurtured and enriched. The support groups are not therapy, but support. With our facilitator, members are guided through topical discussions and sharing which adds Jewish and personal value to their lives.

Grief Support
Each year before High Holy Days, TBS runs a four week Grief Support group for Jewish and non-Jewish members of our Temple B’nai Shalom family who have lost immediate loved ones (parent, sibling, child or spouse) in the past Jewish year.

Mothers Support
The Mother’s Support Group offers TBS mothers of young children the chance to connect with one another and share the joyful and complex experiences of parenthood in a relaxed, supportive, and confidential environment. The group meets monthly with our facilitator, who leads discussions drawing on inspiration from biblical texts, religious and secular parenting resources.

Children of Holocaust Survivors Support Group
Growing up as children of holocaust survivors made us unique, different from “ordinary” American Jews. We came together at TBS to share our very “unique” experiences with each other, and to find ways to preserve the stories of our survivor parents, and then to somehow share these stories with our TBS family in a meaningful and lasting way.

The Temple B’nai Shalom Bereavement Committee responds quickly, compassionately, and Jewishly to congregants’ needs when there is a family death. We reach out to our congregants and support our rabbis as they conduct shiva minyans, memorial services, and funerals.

Caring Community
Our Temple B’nai Shalom Caring Community Committee is committed to supporting our members during times of need. Helping others is a simple yet profound way to live our Jewish values.

College Students
As a congregation, we embrace the spirit of L’dor V’dor (“from generation to generation”). As our young adults leave home, many for the first time, we let them know that although they are out of sight, they are never far from our hearts. Our College Committee prepares and sends care packages to our college students four times per year.

Our Israel Committee organizes and hosts various exciting activities to educate on, and show our community’s support for, Israel

Social Action
Tikkun olam, literally “repairing the world” is a cornerstone of Reform Judaism and an integral part of ongoing activities at Temple B’nai Shalom. The Social Action Committee looks for opportunities for temple members to contribute to the work of tikkun olam, through mitzvot (good deeds), within our temple community, our county, and our world.

Become a Volunteer
Are you passionate about temple life? Do you to give back to your community?  Explore the myriad of ways that you can help our community thrive!