Lifelong Jewish Learning

TBS values lifelong learning and offers programs for our youngest children to oldest adults.

A quality educational program is the cornerstone of a strong Jewish community. We are so proud of what TBS offers our members. From our youngest to our oldest congregants, we have quality educational opportunities available that inspires Reform Jewish living and learning.

Our programs ensure you can continue to engage with Torah. Recognizing that our learners have different needs, our program offers work to meet learners where they are and help each person find ways that Judaism can bring holiness into their lives. Taught by our rabbi, educator, and lay leaders, our educational programs offer something for everyone.

Check out our exciting educational opportunities:

Jewish tradition teaches that we always have something to learn or teach. Our lifelong learning programs offer congregants of all ages the opportunity to engage with our tradition and find new ways Judaism can bring holiness into their lives.

For additional information about any of our educational programs, please contact Miles L. Roger, RJE, TBS Director of Education.