B’nai (Bar/Bat) Mitzvah

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Temple B'nai Shalom

Each Bar/Bat Mitzvah service at TBS is as unique and special as the child coming to Torah.

All our students complete at least four years of study in both Judaic Studies and Hebrew prior to becoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

B’nai Mitzvah preparations begins in 6th grade. Each family attends workshops to prepare for this life cycle with parental involvement. The students, along with their parents, choose the liturgy and music for our Saturday morning worship. Students will be prepared to read from the Torah, lead the service, and write a personal prayer to share with the congregation.

Parents have the opportunity to pass the Torah to and offer prayers on behalf of their children. The service is special for each family and focused on this one Jewish child becoming a spiritual Jewish adult.

Becoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah is part of the longer path of study for our students. We expect our students who become Bar or Bat Mitzvah to continue placing an importance on lifelong Jewish learning and continuing through our Confirmation and Post-Confirmation programs.