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When many people think about a temple Brotherhood, they picture a group of old men sitting around having meetings, and planning…maybe helping out around the synagogue…and planning some more. This is one of the many things that makes Temple B’nai Shalom’s Brotherhood so unique and exciting. Not only do we welcome adult men of all ages, but we also offer projects and activities for men of all ages and interests. In fact, like the proverbial three legged stool, Temple B’nai Shalom’s Brotherhood is built on a strong, three pillared foundation or service, friendship, and education.


The TBS Brotherhood offers numerous service projects both to the TBS community, as well as the local Jewish community at large. Notably, TBS Brotherhood is actively involved with all of the important Jewish holidays, helping to ensure that the services and programs proceed seamlessly. For example, we:

  • sponsor and run the incredibly popular children’s Purim carnival,
  • provide apples and honey for Rosh Hashanah
  • build the Sukkah for Sukkot

The TBS Brotherhood also donates funds to the Jewish Chautauqua Society, is affiliated with the Men of Reform Judaism (MRJ) and runs the Sunday morning bagel bar during both sessions of Sunday school.


The TBS social calendar is filled with diverse and exciting activities, designed to foster strong bonds between its members. Whether it is a sporting event, such as a Nationals or Capitals game; or a chili social, the TBS Brotherhood prides itself on featuring social events for everyone, no matter what your temperament or interest. Of course, the best part is that if you do not find a social event which interests you on the calendar, then just let us know, the Brotherhood Board works closely with all of its members to ensure that everyone’s interests are represented when we plan the calendar for the year.


Here at TBS Brotherhood, we believe that though your schooling may be over, your education has only just begun, which is why we offer our members a wide variety of educational opportunities. These can range from tax advice seminars during tax season to the always welcome programs on men’s health and fitness issues, or even seminars such as Judaism and the Legal System – Perspectives from the Bench.

Welcome to the Temple B’nai Shalom Brotherhood, we are glad you found us. The TBS Brotherhood offers the ideal solution for Jewish men seeking educational, service, and social opportunities…and, of course, friendship and brotherhood.

The TBS Brotherhood is a lot more than just, “the guys who build the Sukkah”, or “the guys who pass out apples and honey on Rosh Hashanah.” TBS Brotherhood means trips to Nationals games, organizing and running the annual Purim Carnival, road trips to Atlantic City, and plenty more. Frankly, whether it is a social gathering, an exciting educational opportunity, or just meeting new people, or providing services to the local Jewish community, the most important part of the TBS Brotherhood is…brotherhood.

If you would like more information about joining Brotherhood, have ideas about other Brotherhood programs, or would just like to speak to us, please stop by the bagel bar for a free cup of coffee. If you would like to join Brotherhood, it’s just $36 for a year. Checks can be made payable to “TBS Brotherhood” and can be sent to Temple B’nai Shalom.

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