Temple B’nai Shalom provides two different ways of permanently honoring a joyous occasion or the memory of someone you have loved and lost.

Memorial Plaque

A Memorial Plaque is an appropriate way to honor the cherished memory of a deceased family member or friend. The Memorial Plaque Wall is located on the inside wall of the hallway that runs alongside the main sanctuary. Each plaque displays the name of the loved one on the top line. If desired, the Hebrew name can also be included just below the English name. The Rabbis can help with the translation of the name into Hebrew letters. Below that is the English date of death, and you also have the option of showing the date in accordance with the Hebrew calendar. Just indicate on the form that you would like the Hebrew date included and we will calculate the date for you.

Tree of Life Plaque

A Tree of Life Plaque is a wonderful way to honor someone for reaching a special life event. The Tree of Life is located in the Temple lobby, on the wall opposite the Temple office. Each plaque can hold four lines of text with up to 25 characters per line. Temple members use these plaques to remember a B’nai Mitzvah, a wedding, or just about any happy occasion.

Plaque Ordering Information

Each plaque costs $360. To order a plaque, print out the form here and fill it out, or get a paper copy from the Temple office. Make your check payable to Temple B’nai Shalom and mail it, along with the completed form, to the Temple office.