The Interfaith Couples Group provides a supportive social entity within Temple B’nai Shalom that welcomes any members in interfaith (Jewish/non-Jewish) marriages or relationships. Caring for and nurturing interfaith couples is in line with TBS’s mission of caring for one another, including non-Jewish members, especially in a congregation where interfaith couples/relationships comprise a sizable portion of the membership.  

Besides providing TBS’s interfaith couples opportunities to socialize and bond, this active TBS group has often served as an important stepping stone to enable member couples in interfaith relationships and non-Jewish spouses to access, feel more connected to, and become involved in the temple community. Group members have become active in other roles, groups, committees and activities within the congregation. With coordination of the Senior Rabbi and other TBS committees, the interfaith group provides educational/reflective activities meant to support interfaith relationships and families, strengthen their connection to the greater TBS community, and enrich their TBS journey. In recent years the group members have joined together to carry out service activities.  Friendships among many long-time members run deep.  One couple recently stated that this group “was our entry into TBS community life and has sustained us over the years throughout our TBS journey.”

Current members include long-time TBS members who have raised families at TBS (empty nesters), members with religious-school-age children, and couples with children not yet in religious school.  

Five to six gatherings are scheduled over the year, they are relaxed and social in nature.   They are often potluck-themed dinners with Havdalah services hosted by members at their homes or held at TBS. The has gathered to socialize and reconnect at vineyard outings, picnics, cookouts, local restaurants, and theaters. 

Anyone interested in gathering with fellow interfaith couples, please contact Jeff and Vickie Sands at

Check the TBS calendar for upcoming events.