Worship Prayer: Gevurot

The Gevurot prayer praises God’s might.  We recognize God’s wonderous acts, including supporting the fallen, healing the sick, freeing the captive, and giving life to all.  The melody has come down through the ages, with slight variations from congregation to congregation.

Here is a sound file of Cantor Rosalie Will chanting Gevurot.


Here is the text for the Gevurot prayer:






ATAH gibor l’olam, Adonai, m’chayeih hakol atah, rav l’hoshia.  M’chalkeil

chayim b’chesed, m’chayeih hakol b’rachamim rabim, someich noflim, v’rofei

cholim, umatir asurim, um’kayeim emunato lisheinei afar.  Mi chamochah

baal g’vurot umi domeh lach, melech meimit um’chayeh umatzmiach y’shuah.

V’ne-eman atah l’hachayot hakol.  Baruch atah, Adonai, m’chayeih hakol.


YOU ARE FOREVER MIGHTY, Adonai: You give life to all.

You sustain life through love, giving life to all through great

compassion, supporting the fallen, healing the sick, freeing the captive, keeping faith

with those who sleep in the dust. Who is like You, Source of mighty acts?

Who resembles You, a Sovereign who takes and gives life,

causing deliverance to spring up and faithfully giving life to all?

Blessed are You, Adonai, who gives life to all.