Rabbi Widzer’s Invocation Delivered to the VA House of Delegates on January 31, 2023


Virginia House of Delegates

January 31, 2023

Rabbi David S. Widzer



Eternal Spirit of the Universe:

We ask for Your blessing upon the Commonwealth of Virginia, traversing the centuries, from those native to this land, though the years, calm and tumultuous, as part of the great experiment called America.  May our Commonwealth always be a home to goodness, decency, and uprightness, and a beacon of the American ideal that each person is endowed by their Creator with dignity and worth.


Holy One of Blessing:

Shine Your Countenance upon the people of this Commonwealth, that we might see in one another Your Reflection, that we might hear from one another words of comity and kindness, that we might feel from one another acceptance, friendship, and love.  May we form communities of purpose, seeking to better ourselves and our world, striving for justice and righteousness, certain only that the task is never-ending and the work ongoing.


Eloheinu v’Elohei Avoteinu v’Imoteinu,

Our God and God of those who came before us:

Grant upon this House of Delegates the Wisdom to engage in the great issues of our day, the Patience to understand perspectives not personally shared, and the Desire to promote the welfare of all Virginians.  May they govern with justice and goodness.


And let us say: Amen.